Philanthropic Partnership Opportunities

How we give back

Facilitate fundraising by donating to partner organizations in our community. We also provide monthly community outreach visits to deserving groups in our community at no cost.


You Knead a Break will provide you with an announcement to inform your team members of on site location.

Sign up to Particate

We can provide a sign up sheet online or a form that can simply hung in the lunchroom or community area where the employee can sign up.

We arrive at your location

We will arrive early to get setup and ready to provide your team with the best service.

Everyone Wins

A chair massage will make everyone’s day a whole lot better. Your team deserves this more then anyone else.

Pay Options

Allowing the employees to pay make it easy for you to provide this service with no additional cost to the company.


You knead a Break will donate 20% of proceeds to the charity of your choice in your company name.
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